Of course, there´s more:

Our dingys cruising away after depositing the crew on the beach for our early morning adventures,

A finch perched above as the sun slowly rises,

A mockingbird duo, caught in the act of, well, mocking each other,

A Sea Iguana, who is also a close relative of Godzilla, demonstrating his mobility,

The rocky shores of a nearby beach, captured on an early morning walk taken before the setting foot on the boat,

The far shoreline of Rabida, part of which is distinct red if you take a closer look,

An assortment of Galapagos Tortoise shots to please the crowd:

Young tortoises on the move, but I would hardly call this an action shot with objects roaming at such slow speeds,

A larger size Galapagos Tortoise munching on some delicious grass in the Highlands,

A fellow tortoise, whose eyes are watchful and preparing for the worst,

An excruciatingly slow road block,

A rare human – tortoise crossbreed, known for its versatility, fierceness, and stupidity,