Here’s some more shots to tease the imagination:

A harsh image of the circle of life, via the death of infant sea turtles by the hands of Magnificent Frigatebirds.

The sole survivor paddling towards the shoreline to escape his enemies,

A quick close up before he returns to the taxing process of escaping death,

The lagoon notorious for flamingos, which happened to be present and represent the three very, very small pink dots (almost indistinguishable) in the back left side of the picture,

The broken ground, dried from the summer’s heat, whose deterioration into a complicated geometrical pattern I found fascinating,

The crew taking time to pose on the beach, some looking better than others,

The shoreline the encircles the flamingo lagoon, note the sand is infused with “green gold” which explains the darkness of its color and why up close from those dark spots green shines through,

A view next to the lift off pad for “Albatross Airport”,

Another shot of “Albatross Airport”, this time capturing one just after successfully dropping off the cliffs edge and beginning his mighty soar through the skies,

A third and final shot, this one with another bird species perched above who contemplates whether flying such dangerous territory would be wise,

An Albatross protecting his egg and composing himself before taking flight,

A group of lizards relaxing on a rock, this photo demonstrating these reptiles tendency to gather in very large groups and practically lay on top of one another for body heat,

A Blue Footed Booby,

A close up of another Blue Footed Booby,

Sea Lions, composed and austere, just before twilight strikes,