Some photos of the Galapagos that I managed to take when I wasn’t caught in a standstill from its wondrous nature:

At any given point, several birds would be flying over are boat as we moved from one island to the other. This is one of them,

This is the same one, of whose species and type I am not sure, but from a different angle,

A crab temporarily resting on the lava rocks as the tide tried to carry it out to sea,

A marine iguana that scurried his way out of the water and onto the shore, raising his body temperature from the heat of the sun’s warm rays,

A clan of Blue Footed Boobies hunting for anything oblvious and fishlike swimming along,

The same group of Blue Footed Boobies, recently transitioned from fly by to kill mode, inching closer to their prey,

The pack of predators resting after their feast.

A young sea lion making friends with some crabs as he gathers himself after a swim,

A bird (either a Nazca Booby or Sea Gull) coasting along the coastline,

A tropical mockingbird’s place of rest,

A Darwin finch, known scientifically as a tanager, having a stare down competition with my camera’s lens,

A group of larger Darwin finches making the most of the prime beach front real estate,

A view of the sunset from where our boat was docked for the evening,

To compliment the sunset, here is a magnificent early morning sunrise that also took place on the Pacific,

A lizard, posted up and ready to feast on any insect that comes nearby,

Another lizard, doing what appears to be virtually the same except for being much more sneaky,

A sea lion recuperating momentarily on land,

A group of sea lions stacked on top of one another as their companion poses stoically,

More yawning and resting, which is a commonality amongst all sea lions on land as it turns out,