Some shots I left out from Machu Pichu by accident:

A little hut resting in the cloudline,

What would appear to be steps for a very large individual, these fertile plateaus were used for various crops that were grown by the Incans long ago,

An foggy topside view of Machu Pichu´s lovely architecture,

More huts, more green, some mountain, and less fog,

Now for Huacachina, Peru:

Some sand dunes to wet the appetite and open the imagination a bit,

Our buggy, resting comfortably in the sand,

You know who, smiling cause he has just survived the scariest roller coaster ride of his life,

Here´s a few more sand dunes to reemphasize what I am referring to when I say ¨desert¨,

If you were wondering what a sunset was like in the desert, well here it is,

Some further visual reinforcement regarding sunsets and deserts,

Huacachina and its lagoon in all of her magnificence,