Machu Pichu, for all those who have yet to make it there for themselves (which I highly recommend you do):

A part of the valley our group treaded through on the second day of our trek,

Some intimidating and unsturdy stairs that needed climbing,

The primitive device used to cross the not so raging but most definitely rocky river below,

The sunrise from the top of Machu Pichu the following day,

James, Tom, and I as we stand above the ancient Incan city early in the morning (looking a bit fatigued from the hike up but happy nonetheless),

The generic shot of Machu Pichu from later in the afternoon,

A closer view of the city´s far left side,

The main temple area that lies in the heart of the city,

The surrounding mountains from which Machu Pichu was carved,

A baby llama, one of the many animal residents in the vacinity, taking a rest probably after munching a bit too much grass,

The front side of Machu Pichu (where visitors initially enter),

A ground level view of the temple floor and the mountain in the background where various rituals were also performed,

One of the original huts, whose roofs has been rethatched, that rests on the mountain side,