Death Road outisde of La Paz, Bolivia:

Our resting area while suiting up into appropriate biking gear,

The valley towards which we began to descend,

A slight glimpse of the road, along with the commuter traffic, that hung towards the cliff´s edge,

The beginning, and far more intimidating, section of The World´s Most Dangerous Road,

A notoriously famous area for photo taking on the Death Road, one that highlights the steep drops, difficult viewing conditions, and lush greenery,

The look of a man ready to conquer the most dangerous Bolivia has to offer (except anacanda hunting, of course),

A tribute site, found halfway down the roadside,  to pay proper respect to some unfortunate soul who failed to reach its end,

The breath taking view from the bottom, overlooking the valley and surrounded by the lush mountains, after the long journey from the top,

A nice flower that was resting in rain forrest nearby our final destination,