Here are some shots from my excursion into the Amazon Basin in Bolivia:

A close up of my sloth friend, Barry, who we picked up on the side of the road then returned to the jungle an hour later,

An interesting looking bird, whose name has happened to slip my mind, resting comfortably in a tree,

A monkey, known as the ¨common squirrel¨ to Bolivians (although it looks nothing like any squirrel I have ever seen), enjoying himself in the branches that rest just above the river,

A beautiful sunset in the Amazon Basin

A rather elegant pose from a bird searching for prey in the nearby waters,

A crocodile on the move,

Another ¨common squirrel¨, this time posing for the camera to the best of his abilities,

Our guide, Ronnie, taking a rest (notice how his badass-ness remains intact all the while) during our search for Anacondas in the Pampas, 

Tom, who appears to have forgotten how to rub in sun tan lotion, and I (trying to look badass like Ronnie) as we cruise downriver sweating more than either of us would like,

A captured pirahana, showing off his fangs and waiting to munch his next meal,

A shot of our outpost on the river from the back,

Tom, James, and I swimming with our fellow mammals the pink dolphin (who are no where to be found in this photo) in alligator infested waters, 

The plane that carried us back to civilization from Rurrenabaque, Bolivia,