Here´s a shot from Salta, Argentina:

Now, for the journey into Salt Flats of Bolivia:

The Martian Red rock formations that covered the landscape on the first day,

The lamas that accompanied our first meal on the outskirts of Tupiza,

A view of the mountain we passed through and the road manuevered along the way,

A lovely, little toilet in Bolivia (with instructions),

A lagoon from the distance,

The above lagoon from a closer perspective  (note: the water is pink and those dots in the corner are flamingos)

An example of the surreal scenery surrounding the lodgings of our second night, 

The truly one of a kind ¨Arbol de Piedra¨ (Tree of Rock) that stands in Bolivia just prior to the Salt Flats,

A sign indicating a steep incline and the Seven Colored Mountain in the background,

The Salt Flats at sunrise (yes, that is in ostrich in the foreground),

Yours truly in pain upon reaching our final destination after an ardous four day journey ,

Having some fun with photography on the Salt Flats,

A sodium miner at work as we leave on the final day,